EPA has finalized the NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule. Click here to learn more

What is eDMR?

The North Carolina Division of Water Resources (NC DWR) Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report (eDMR) is a web enabled application developed to capture discharge monitoring information.  It allows wastewater treatment facilities to send Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) to NC DWR electronically via the internet.

The eDMR application provides users with an alternative to submitting hand-written or paper-based DMRs that is faster, more efficient, and less burdensome for both the regulated users and the NC DWR.

The eDMR application will give the wastewater facility greater control over its data quality.  It will provide on-line availability of DMR requirements and process status.

The eDMR application will provide permitted facilities with the ability to enter or import required DMR data and the ability to view, print, and revise DMRs stored within the database.

eDMR Login

Benefits of eDMR Reporting

  • Improvements in data quality and data availability
  • Online access to permit limits and monitoring requirements
  • Online access to electronically submitted monitoring reports
  • Built in validation rules reduce reporting errors
  • Ability to import data from existing facility system

Current eDMR participants

At this time, NC DWR is not compliant with the electronic signature component of US EPA’s electronic reporting requirements. As a result, eDMR users will be required to complete their eDMR submission by printing, signing, and submitting one signed original and a copy of the eDMR to NC DWR as specified in Part II, Condition D(2) of the NPDES permit.  The North Carolina Division of Water Resources will update eDMR participants when full compliance with US EPA's electronic reporting requirements is achieved.

Please note that until we are compliant with EPA's requirements, the printed and signed copies of the eDMR reports will need to be sent to:

NCDENR / DWR / Information Processing Unit

Attention: Central Files / eDMR

1617 Mail Service Center

Raleigh NC, 27699-1617

Important Considerations for Registration

The eDMR application is now able to accept more than one set of upstream/downstream data.  Those facilities with required multiple stream sampling locations should contact John Hennessy at 919-707-3615 prior to registration to ensure the permit information in the state's data system reflects the required multiple stream sampling locations.

Please note that only NPDES wastewater and water treatment plant facilities will be able to submit DMRs electronically.  The eDMR application does not have the capability, at this time, to receive NDAR, NDMR or other program monitoring reports.