Stormwater Public Notices

Public Hearing Notice

The N.C. Departmnet of Environmental Quality (DEQ) proposes to issue National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits to CPI USA North Carolina LLC - Southport Power Plant. DEQ has scheduled a public hearing to gather comments. All comments presented at the public hearing will be considered in the agency’s final determination regarding permit issuance and permit provisions. 

CPI USA North Carolina LLC has applied for NPDES permits to discharge wastewater and stormwater from the Southport Power Plant, 1281 Powerhouse Drive, Southport, NC, Brunswick County. The facility discharges to the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Fear River Basin. Currently no parameters are water-quality limited. This discharge may affect future wasteload allocations in this portion of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The draft wastewater and stormwater permits are available online here.


NPDES Stormwater Industrial Individual Permits at Public Notice

The following industrial individual permits and permit renewals are out for public notice until the following dates.  Please see the links below to view the permits and provide comments.

Permit Number Facility Name County Status Public_Notice Ends
NCS000397 City of Newton Catawba Renewal January 3, 2020