Stormwater Program Contacts

Mailing address: 
DEMLR Stormwater Program, 1612 MSC, Raleigh, NC 27699-1612

Physical address: 
DEMLR Stormwater Program, 512 N Salisbury St, 6th floor, Raleigh, NC 27604


Name Title Phone Responsibilities

Mike Lawyer

Stormwater Program Supervisor


Oversees stormwater staff and stormwater programs

Joyce Sanford

Stormwater Program Administrative Assistant


Administrative support for all stormwater programs ♦ Stormwater eDMR registration

Tev Holloman Stormwater Billing Assistant 919.707.3649 Provides billing support for all stormwater programs


Environmental Engineer   Stormwater Design Manual ♦ Post-construction plan reviews ♦ Post-construction policy guidance and training
Jim Farkas Environmental Engineer 919.707.3646 Post-construction plan reviews ♦ Engineering guidance for designers and local governments
Paul Clark
Water Supply Watershed Coordinator 919.707.3642 Water Supply Watershed program ♦ NPDES industrial program

Bethany Georgoulias

Environmental Engineer


NPDES industrial program ♦ Stormwater Program data management ♦ GIS and Laserfiche Repository Administrator

Kieu Tran

Environmental Specialist


Stormwater compliance and enforcement ♦ NPDES industrial, construction, and MS4 programs ♦ NCG01 Coordinator

Isaiah Reed MS4 Program Coordinator 828.296.4618 MS4 program lead ♦ NPDES industrial program ♦ Post-construction plan reviews
Brianna Young Individual Permit Coordinator 919.707.3647 NPDES industrial individual permit lead ♦ eDMR reporting for individual permits (interim registration contact)
Brittany Cook General Permit Coordinator 919.707.3648 NPDES industrial general permit lead ♦ eDMR reporting for general permits (interim registration contact)
Michelle Evans Permittee Outreach Coordinator 919.707.9110 Education and outreach to permittees
Vacant Administrative Assistant   NPDES construction permit fees and file management
Brooklyn Broussard Construction Permit Reviewer 984.302.0213 NPDES construction program

Regional Office Stormwater Program Contacts

Mike Smith

Assistant Regional Engineer


Asheville Regional Office stormwater programs 

Mike Lawyer

Environmental Program Consultant


Fayetteville Regional Office stormwater programs

Jerry Eplin

Environmental Engineer


Mooresville Regional Office stormwater programs

Thad Valentine

Environmental Specialist


Raleigh Regional Office stormwater programs

Bill Moore 
(interim contact)

Environmental Engineer


Washington Regional Office stormwater programs

Christine Hall
Stormwater Program Supervisor 910.796.7339 Wilmington Regional Office State Stormwater Program (Post-Construction)

Brian Lambe

Environmental Specialist


Wilmington Regional Office Industrial and Construction Stormwater

Lily Kay

Environmental Program Consultant


Winston-Salem Regional Office stormwater programs