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Training and Outreach

For Phase II MS4s:

There will be five opportunities throughout the state to learn more about the Phase II MS4 requirements, tools and processes.  The dates and locations for these trainings are: 

  • March 14   Jacksonville
  • March 26   Cary
  • April 4   Charlotte
  • April 5   Hickory
  • TBD   Kernersville

The agenda will be:

  • Morning: Six Minimum Measures
  • Afternoon:  Audits, Compliance, and Enforcement, DEMLR MS4 Toolbox and Other Stormwater Tools

For SCM Design and Maintenance:

The Stormwater Program partners with N.C. State University and N.C. Cooperative Extension to offer stormwater training opportunities throughout the year. 

NCSU Stormwater Engineering Group Training Events

For Surface Water Identification: