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Corrective Action and Trust Fund Branch

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Revised  
Home Heating Oil USTs 4/19/2017
UST Enforcement  


Brochures Revised  
Eligibility Flowchart 9/10/2013
Home Heating Oil UST Flowchart 7/7/2017
Leaking Petroleum UST Cleanup Funds 8/21/2013
Non-Regulated USTs 12/2018
Selecting an Environmental Consultant for Petroleum Cleanup  


Permits and Inspection Branch

FAQs Revised  
Biodiesel Storage in USTs 10/2015
Farm Tank USTs 10/2015
Groundwater Monitoring Leak Detection 10/2015
New Leak Detection Requirements for Emergency Generator UST systems installed prior to 11/1/2007 2/2018
New Requirements for UST Systems (NC's Updated UST Regulations effective June 1, 2017) 9/2018
Preparing for an Underground Storage Tank Inspection 9/2020
Secondary Containment Performance Standards for UST systems after 11/1/2007 8/20/2009
Secondary Containment O & M Requirements for UST Systems & Components Installed or Replaced after 11/1/2007 10/2015
UST Responsibilities 10/2015
Vapor Monitoring Leak Detection 10/2015


Brochures Revised  
Alternative Fuel Storage Guidelines for UST Systems 12/2018
Financial Responsibility Requirements for USTs 8/2018
Procedures for Placing UST Systems in Temporary Closure & Returning them to Service 7/2019
Site Check Guidelines for Regulated UST Systems 12/2018
Siting and Secondary Containment Requirements for UST Systems Installed prior to 11/1/2007 and near Wells and Surface Waters 10/2015
UST Operator Training Requirements 7/2018
UST System Installation 10/2015


Manuals Revised  
Corrosion Protection Manual 1/2020
Financial Responsibility Manual 11/2015
Leak Detection Methods for Petroleum USTs and Piping Manual 10/2015
Manual Tank Gauging for small USTs Manual 10/2015
NC Operating and Maintaining USTs Manual 1/2019


Education / Training Slides Date  
Public Information Session Slides for the 10/13/2018 updates to the UST regulations (Owner / Operator sessions) 5/2/2018
Public Information Session Slides for the 10/13/2018 updates to the UST regulations (Contractor session) 4/26/2018