Lead Service Line Inventory

As part of the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) published December 16, 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that all community water systems (CWS) and non-transient non-community (NTNC) water systems develop an inventory of all service line connections, both system-owned and customer-owned. The inventory must identify the potential presence of lead within each service line connection. The initial inventory must be completed and submitted to the North Carolina Public Water Supply Section by October 16, 2024.

Lead Service Line Inventory Template

Water systems in North Carolina are required to use the appropriate template provided by the Public Water Supply Section. Please contact the Public Water Supply Section's Lead and Copper compliance team at pwss.lcr@ncdenr.gov if you need assistance in accessing your template. 

Save a copy of the inventory template to your hard drive or network drive using the following naming convention: Water System ID Number_LSLI_MMDDYYYY (e.g, NC0011222_LSLI_10162024). The template includes five tabs that will need to be completed for each water system, as well as instructions for filling out each tab. DO NOT change the name of any tabs on the inventory template. Additional instructions and information for completing your template are provided in the Inventory Resources and Guidance section below.

Inventory Submission

Instructions on submitting the inventory will be provided at a later date.

Inventory Resources and Guidance