VW Settlement Phase 1-Level 2 Charge Program

VW Settlement Level 2 Charge Rebate Program

Approximately $1.15 million will be available in Phase 1 for the Light Duty Zero Emission Vehicle Level 2 Charging Infrastructure Rebate Program. This program is designed to expand the state's light duty ZEV charging infrastructure network.

Level 2 Charge Rebate Program Timeline

  • Release of RFP:                                                                       November 17, 2020
  • RFP webinar for applicants                                                       December 11, 2020
  • Application open in Grants Management System:                        January 25, 2021
  • Rebate recipients announced                                                    As awarded in 2021

Applicant Webinar

A webinar will be held on December 11, 2020 from 10am - 12pm, for interested stakeholders and applicants. During this webinar, staff will show applicants how to request access to the DAQ Grants Management System and answer questions regarding the Request for Proposals. DAQ encourages anyone interested in applying for a rebate voucher to attend this webinar. A link to the webinar will be emailed to all registered attendees prior to the webinar.

You must register for the webinar by December 9, 2020. You may register here.


Organizations that own or operate an eligible location may apply for Level 2 ZEV Charging Rebate Program. Eligible applicants include:

  • Incorporated nonprofits
  • Public school districts
  • Municipal governments and municipal authorities
  • NC State government agencies
  • Tribal government agencies
  • Metropolitan or rural planning organizations located in North Carolina
  • Businesses – corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, business trusts or other legal business entities incorporated in or registered with the NC Department of the Secretary of State
  • Air quality or transportation organizations
  • Multi-Unit Dwellings (MUD) - must serve site with ten or more dwelling units
  • Workplaces - must serve sites with at least five or more year-round and full-time employees; must not be limited to fleet vehicles unless employee and visitor charging is also available on site
  • Federal Government Agencies – Federal agencies that have custody, control, or management of land within or contiguous to the territorial boundaries of North Carolina.

Complete details on application eligiblity can be found in the Request for Proposals documentation.

Program Details:

This is a first-come first-served rebate program and will be open until all funds are exhausted. An application must be submitted to NCDEQ and approved for a rebate voucher prior to purchase and installation of the Level 2 charging equipment to qualify. Rebate voucher recipients must provide their own funding to cover expenses as they are incurred and submit proof that the project invoices have been paid, proof of project work completion, and other additional required documentation to NCDEQ. Rebate redemption requests for unpaid invoices will not be approved.

Rebate Amounts:

The NC Level 2 ZEV Charging Infrastructure Program rebates will be available either as a maximum dollar amount or as a percentage of the total project costs, whichever is less. The table below outlines the percentage and maximum dollar amounts available by project type. The final rebate amount will be determined by the maximum rebate amount multiplied by the number of charging ports, or a percent of the total actual project costs, whichever is less. NCDEQ will not issue more than $25,000 in Level 2 ZEV Charging Infrastructure Program rebate vouchers in total to any one applicant and/or location at any time. Rebates must be redeemed within 180-days of approval.

Project Type Accessible to General Public* Networked Maximum Rebate per Charging Port Or (whichever is less) Maximum % of Total Project Costs
Government Owned Property Yes Yes $5,000 or 100%
Government Owned Property No Yes $4,000 or 80%
Non-Government Owned Property Yes Yes $4,000 or 80%
Non-Government Owned Property No Yes $3,000 or 60%
Workplace or Multi-Unit Dwelling Yes Yes $4,000 or 80%
Workplace or Multi-Unit Dwelling No Yes $3,000 or 60%

*Public access requires a minimum of 12 hours a day of availablilty per week to the genral public without restriction. 

How to Apply:

NCDEQ will only accept rebate applications submitted through the NCDAQ Grant Management System website, at: https://www.ebs.nc.gov/irj/portal. Prior to using the Grant Management System, applicants must obtain an NCID then complete and return the NCDEQ-AQ-GMS-ACCESS-AUTHORIZATION-FORM and the State of North Carolina Substitute W-9 Form for the organization to get registered in the system. Once registered and logged into the GMS, you will have access to tutorials on how to use the system, submitting applications and submitting claims.  If you have previously submitted an Access Authorization Form for the NCDAQ Grant Management System  and received a “Welcome to Enterprise Business System (EBS) Portal” email, you do not need to resubmit this form.

Reporting Requirements

All rebate voucher recipients are required to submit EVSE usage data to NCDEQ for the previous 12 months by January 30th of each consecutive year for a five-year period after installation of the charging station(s). Annual EVSE usage reports must be submitted to NCDEQ via the DAQ Grants Management System.

Rebate applications for Phase 1 will be accepted until funds are exhausted. To be notified for future Phase 2 announcements, please send an email with "Subscribe" in the subject line to daq.nc_vwgrants@ncdenr.gov.

Note: This RFP is only for Level 2 Charging infrastructure projects only.

Request for Proposal

Documents and Workshops



Review applicant eligibility and rebate amounts in the RFP

Rebate applications must be completed using the NC DAQ Grant Management System.

Complete rebate application

Prior to using the Grant Management System to submit your rebate application, you must register with NC DAQ first.

NCDEQ GMS Access Authorization Form

State of North Carolina Substitute W-9 Form

All rebate applications must include a completed NC Level 2 Charging Station Rebate Calculation Worksheet.

NC Level 2 Charging Station Rebate Calculation Worksheet

Helpful Documents

Application checklist

Register for an NCID

Link to Additional Resources

Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal