UST Operator Training


All underground storage tank owners are required to have a trained primary operator and a trained emergency response operator. Tank owners must designate a primary operator for each facility. Primary operators must be employees of the facility owner or operator. Third-party contractors or testing companies are not able to serve as primary operators.

If you have been designated as a primary operator for a North Carolina underground storage tank (UST) facility, please register for training.

The 2005 Federal Energy Policy Act mandates training for all UST system operators. N.C. operator training requirements are located in NC General Statute 143-215.94 [NN through TT].

The primary operator is responsible for daily operation, maintenance and record keeping of the facility, and needs to have a general knowledge of UST compliance requirements.

Two types of operators must receive training:

  1. Primary operator (also called Class A/B), and 
  2. Emergency response operator (also called Class C).

Training for primary operators can be conducted at a UST facility during an inspection if the facility is in compliance. Otherwise, training occurs at N.C. Tank School or online with a private training vendor. REGISTER HERE.

A draft operator training manual is available. It lists the maintenance, testing and recordkeeping requirements. DOWNLOAD DRAFT MANUAL

The following are a generalized version of the primary operator training slides used in N.C. Tank School.


The emergency response operator training slides are used by primary operators to train the emergency response operators


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