Chemours Permit Information


Final NPDES Permit Cover Letter - September 18, 2020

Final NPDES Permit - Effective September 30, 2020

Final Fact Sheet - February 12, 2020

Response to Comments - September 11, 2020

Final Map


Title V Renewal Application - Received 9/8/2020

Current Air Quality Permit - Issued 5/13/2020 includes additional control devices

Air Quality Permit -Issued 5/29/2019 Administrative Amendment

Air Quality Permit -Issued 3/14/2019 includes Thermal Oxidizer

Permit review 3/14/2019

Hearing Officer's Report 3/13/2019

Director's Memo 3/14/2019

Permit Application for Thermal Oxidizer 

Draft Permit 1/18/2019

Draft Permit Review 1/18/2019

Public Notice of Comment Period and Public Hearing 1/18/2019


Current Hazardous Waste Permit


Current Wastewater Permit (Administratively continued until new permit is issued)

Application for Permit Renewal

Wastewater Permit File

Draft National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit, Factsheet and Map (July 2020)