Stormwater Maps & GIS Resources

Active Permits

The following are provided for informational purposes only and are updated periodically:

Construction NPDES Stormwater Permit List  updated through 9/22/2020 2 PM
All NCG01 project records may be accessed in this section of our Laserfiche Repository.  It is important to check the permit folder for the most current information on any project (modifications, more recent rescission, etc.)

Active NPDES Stormwater Permit List  updated 9/1/2020

Active State Stormwater Permit List updated 9/1/2020

Active Stormwater Permits Map  

  • Yellow dots indicate NPDES Individual Permits and NPDES General Permits.
  • Purple dots indicate NPDES No Exposure Certifications.
  • Green dots indicate Post-Construction Permits.
  • Construction Stormwater Permits are not on this map.

Stormwater Post-Construction Permitting Interactive Map 


The Division maintains an interactive web-based map to help the public determine whether development activities are subject to the post-construction stormwater permitting program or other stormwater permitting requirements. Please read the information below about using the results of this map viewer. While we do our best to make the map as accurate as possible, this viewer is only a tool to help in making final determinations about your responsibilities for permit coverage.

Information About Map Results 

Guidance on Overlapping Programs

Map Updates and Corrections 

For assistance with the interactive map, please contact Bethany Georgoulias.

Reference Maps for Determining Permitting Requirements

Impaired Waters & TMDL Map

Waterbody Classification Map

Watershed Drainage Area Map

    HQW, ORW and WS Reclassifications

    There may be waterbodies that have either recently been reclassified as High Quality Waters, Outstanding Resource Waters or Water Supply Watershed, or are pending reclassification. These areas are not reflected in the current interactive map, but they may now be subject to local or state stormwater program requirements. Be sure to check with the Classification and Standards Unit website for the most recent information.

    Post-Construction Stormwater Information

    Phase II Entity Designations and Updates

    Phase II Tipped Counties Map

    Phase II Areas Map

    Delegated Authorities

    Map of Special Watersheds in Mecklenburg and Union Counties

    Stormwater GIS Data and Maps

    SW Permitting Reference GIS Layer for Map Viewer

    ERRATA Sheet  (SW Permitting Reference GIS)

    Phase II Areas in North Carolina
    This layer includes newer urbanized areas from the 2010 US Census and more recent jurisdictional boundaries. This layer does not include MSIs that were delineated by in 2010 ("future MSIs"), which may not yet be in effect. 

    Additional Map Resources

    Stormwater Programs Map

    EPA: New Urbanized Areas