Investigations and Enforcement Actions

Chemours sends outfall data to DEQ from Outfall 002 from 2/25/19 through 3/28/19 and 4/15/19 through 4/16/19.

Weekly Rainwater Sampling results compiled 3/20/18 to 12/4/18

Notice of Wastewater Spill Containing 0.000000002 lb. of HFPO Dimer Acid on Nov. 29

Weekly Rainwater Sampling Results compiled 3/20/18 to 10/23/18 

Rainwater Sampling 9/10/27 to 9/27/18

Chemours email about rainwater transportation tanker leak (Sept. 19, 2018)

Rainwater Sampling 9/4/18 to 9/10/18

Rainwater Sampling 8/28/18 to 9/4/18

Rainwater Sampling 8/21/18 to 8/28/18

Chemours Status Report on Interim Remedial Actions (Aug. 24, 2018)

Rainwater Sampling 8/14/18 to 8/21/18

Rainwater Sampling 8/7/18 to 8/14/18

Rainwater Sampling 7/31/18 to 8/7/18

Rainwater Sampling 7/24/18 to 7/31/18

Rainwater Sampling 7/17/18 to 7/24/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  7/10/18 to 7/17/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  7/3/18 to 7/10/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  6/26/18 to 7/3/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  6/19/18 to 6/26/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  6/12/18 to 6/19/18

Approval of Secondary Scrubbers 07/17/2018

Chemours' Notification of Potential Spill on July 13, 2018

Chemours Request for Secondary Scrubber Trial 07/12/2018

Public Comments on Proposed Order for Preliminary Injunctive Relief

Chemours' "Feasibility Study Report for Public Water Services" in response to May 24 DEQ letter on alternate water supply plans (received June 29)

Email from Chemours to DEQ (June 13, 2018) re: Potential HFPO Dimer Acid Spill

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  6/5/18 to 6/12/18

Proposed Order for Preliminary Injunctive Relief (6/11/2018)
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Division of Waste Management Notice of Violation (6/11/2018)

Division of Waste Management letter to Chemours re: April 20 Email / Reporting of Spills (5/30/18)

Division of Waste Management letter to Chemours re: Onsite Characterization of Groundwater / Details About Terra Cotta Pipe (5/30/18)

Division of Waste Management letter to Chemoures re: Permanent Alternative Drinking Water Supply Plan (5/24/18)

Division WGS 2nd Scrubbing Stage 5/30/2018

February 2018 (Second) Stack Testing Report  5/30/2018

DAQ Rainwater Sampling 5/29/18 to 6/5/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling 5/22/18 to 5/29/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling 5/15/18 to 5/22/18

Chemours Email Notice of Carbon Bed Install 05/25/2018

Chemours Response to DAQ Follow-Up Questions 5/18/2018

Emission Estimate Methodology Report REVISED 5/18/2018

ERM Responses to DEQ Requests Regarding Exhibits 2 and 3 5/18/2018

ERM Responses to DEQ Requests Regarding Exhibit 11 5/18/2018

Geosyntec Response to Comments 5/18/2018

Additional Technical Information Request 5/11/2018

DAQ Rainwater Sampling 5/8/18 to 5/15/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling 5/1/18 to 5/8/18

Chemours' Notification of May 2 GenX Sampling Spike

Chemours' Response to DAQ 60-day Notice 4/27/2018

Amended Civil Complaint from N.C. Department of Justice 4/9/18

Division of Air Quality's 60-day Notice of Intent to Modify Permit

DAQ Rainwater Sampling 1/28/18 to 1/29/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  2/4/18 to 2/5/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  2/28/18 to 3/2/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  3/10/18 to 3/12/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  3/19/18 to 3/20/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  3/20/18 to 3/27/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  3/27/18 to 4/3/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  4/3/18 to 4/10/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling  4/10/18 to 4/17/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling 4/17/18 to 4/24/18

DAQ Rainwater Sampling 4/24/18-5/1/18

Map of Feb. 28-Mar. 2 rainwater and well sampling data

DAQ: GenX Test Program Summary

Chemours' air emissions stack test cover letter 3/12/18

Chemours' air emissions stack test results 3/12/18

Chemours' response to Feb. 12 Immediate Action Notice of Violation and Third-Party LDAR Program Review

Chemours email notification about March 8 one-gallon spill

Map of Chemours rainwater sampling stations

Chemours email notification about Feb. 14 outfall numbers (Outfall 002)

Chemours email notification about Feb. 14 onsite spill

Immediate Action Notice of Violation 2/12/18

 DEQ Letter to Chemours (Feb. 12) -- Trial Air Abatement System

Chemours Letter -- Feb. 1 Loading Hose Leak

Chemours Letter to DEQ -- Jan. 25 One-gallon Leak Due to Clogged Drain

Chemours Letter to DEQ -- Jan. 14 Leak to Concrete Pad

Chemours Letter to DEQ-- Dec 21 Request for Carbon Trial

DEQ Letter to Chemours (Dec. 15) -- Interim Measures to Control PFAS

Chemours Letter to DEQ -- Dec. 9 Leak While Pumping Wastewater for Removal

Chemours Letter to DEQ -- Notice of Partial Suspension and 60-Day Notice of Intent to Partially Revoke NPDES Permit

Chemours Letter to DEQ -- Response to the Notice of Violation

Nov. 13 Notice of Violation and Intent to Assess Penalty

Chemours Letter to DEQ -- Planned Use of Hazardous Waste Deep Well Injection Facility

DEQ Letter to Chemours -- NPDES permit

Partial Consent Order Reached

Civil Complaint from N.C. Department of Justice 

Motion For Temporary Restraining Order

Civil Summons from the Department of Justice

Letter with Summons from Department of Justice 

DEQ Letter to Chemours -- Notice of Intent to Suspend Permit

Past correspondence from DEQ to Chemours

Subpoena issued to DEQ from U.S. Attorney's Office