Stormwater Program

The DEMLR Stormwater Program comprises many programs aimed at protecting water quality from stormwater impacts. This page provides key announcements and overviews of these programs.

Updates for Sept - Oct 2020:

  • Most of the Stormwater Program staff are working remotely during this state of emergency and phone contact is not the best way to request assistance.  Please use the emails on the Stormwater Contacts page whenever possible to ensure a timely response.
  • The renewed NCG19 (Marinas) general permit and the new NCG25 (Construction Activities not subject to the NC Sedimentation Pollution Control Act) will be issued on October 1, 2020.
  • The NCG02 (Mining Activites) general permit has an updated renewal date of May 1, 2021.
  • Do not mail DMRs to Central Files!  We have a new DMR submittal process, see the Industrial page for more information.
  • Electronic payment of annual permit fees is convenient and quick! Click on "Stormwater ePayments" on the lower right corner of this page. There is no fee for eCheck. The convenience fee for a credit card is 2.65% and the convenience fee for a debit card is $3.95.
  • We have three web site aliases:  This SW Overview web page is, the Construction SW web page is, and the NPDES Industrial SW web page is

Stormwater Program Laserfiche Repository

NPDES Construction Stormwater Program

The NPDES Construction Stormwater Program regulates construction activities that disturb more than one acre under a general permit (NCG010000 or NCG250000). Permittees are required to develop and implement a Sedimentation and Erosion Control Plan, adhere to materials handling protocols, inspect their sites and maintain records. The DEMLR Stormwater and Sedimentation Programs partner to implement the program. Learn more here.

Post-construction Stormwater Program

The Post-construction Stormwater Program requires new developments in subject areas of the state to install and maintain permanent stormwater management measures after the project is built. The Stormwater Design Manual is a technical guidance document about implementing the rules pertaining to post-construction stormwater.  The companion to the manual is the Stormwater Control Measure Credit Document, which includes the state’s estimation of each SCM’s effectiveness in protecting hydrology and removing pollutants. Learn more here.

NPDES Industrial Program

The NPDES Industrial Program covers approximately 4,130 facilities (3100 under general permits, 150 under individual permits, and 880 facilities under no exposure certifications).  Industrial activities are required to manage and monitor their facilities for potential sources of stormwater pollution.  See our Schedule for Renewing NPDES SW Permits for information on which year your permit will be renewed. Learn more here.

NPDES MS4 Program

The NPDES MS4 Program covers 122 entities within urbanizing areas, such as municipalities, counties and universities. Other MS4 permittees include military bases and NCDOT.  MS4 entities implement measures within their jurisdictions to prevent and control stormwater pollution from developed areas. Learn more here.

Water Supply Watershed Program

The Water Supply Watershed Program covers 285 local governments that have land use jurisdiction in one of the state's 228 water supply watersheds. Learn more here.