NPDES Industrial Program

The NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Industrial Stormwater Program is federally mandated and covers a wide variety of industrial actvities under one of the following types of permits:

  • Individual Industrial Permits apply to industrial activities that are not eligible for any of the general permits. (approx. 160 facilities in NC)
  • General Industrial Permits apply to numerous broad categories of industrial activities with potential stormwater discharges.  (approx. 3,200 facilities in NC) 
  • No Exposure Certifications apply to industrial activites that do not expose industrial materials or activities to precipitation, and provide secondary containment on the site.  (approx. 880 facilities in NC)

See the Schedule for Renewing NPDES SW Permits for information on which year your permit will be renewed.

If you have questions about the industrial stormwater permitting program, please contact Stormwater Program Supervisor Annette Lucas.

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How to Submit Paper DMRs Before eDMR is Implemented

The Stormwater Program is planning for NPDES Stormwater Industrial permitted facilities to use electronic Data Monitoring Reports by January 1, 2022.  Until your facility begins using eDMR, follow this NEW procedure for submitting eDMRs:

How to Pay an Annual Permit Fee

Invoices are sent when fees are due per the NPDES Stormwater Permit Fee Schedule.  
Electronic payment of annual permit fees is preferred.  Click on "Stormwater ePayments" on the lower right corner of this page. There is no fee for eCheck. The convenience fee for a credit card is 2.65% and the convenience fee for a debit card is $3.95.  

Who Can Sign NPDES Industrial Permit Documents?

40 CFR 122.22 sets forth who can sign NPDES applications and reports.  For corporations, permit documents must be signed by responsible corporate officer, and authorized manager, or a delegated individual.  An authorized person may delegate an individual using the Stormwater Delegation of Signature Authority Form

After completing the Stormwater Delegation of Signature Authority Form, scan and email it to  Suzanne McCoy and mail the original, hard copy to the Stormwater Program, attn: Suzanne McCoy, 1612 MSC, Raleigh, NC 276990-1612.

How to Update Permit Data

Enter your stormwater permit number into the Stormwater Permit Summary Report and you will see a form that includes the address of the facility, contact information for the permit, and the regulated stormwater outfall(s) for the facility.

To update the:

Request Representative Outfall Status

Complete the Representative Outfall Status (ROS) Request Form.  Mail one hard copy of the form and supporting documents directly to the appropriate Regional Office (see form). In addition, e-mail the form and supporting documents to Suzanne McCoyThere is no fee for a representative outfall status request.

Renew an Existing Industrial Permit

For Individual permits, complete the NCS Renewal Forms Package, no later than 180 days prior to expiration of your current permit.  Mail one hard copy of the form and supporting documents to Suzanne McCoy, 1612 MSC, Raleigh, NC 27699-1612. In addition, e-mail the form and supporting documents to Suzanne McCoy. You may pay on the e-payment site.

For General permits, your certificate of coverage (COC) will be renewed automatically as long as annual fees are up to date.  There is no need to submit a new Notice of Intent (NOI) application.  You may pay on the e-payment site.

Rescind an Existing Industrial Permit

Complete the Rescission Request Form and mail one hard copy of the form to Suzanne McCoy, 1612 MSC, Raleigh, NC 27699-1612.  In addition, e-mail the form to Suzanne McCoy.  There is no fee for industrial permit rescissions. Please note that it can take 1-2 months to process the request because we cannot rescind the permit until DEQ staff conduct a site visit.

If you would like to request dormant status for your permit, (a temporary suspension of industrial activities and monitoring requirements), contact Bethany Georgoulias.