Air Quality Committee

The Air Quality Committee (AQC) is a committee of the Environmental Management Commission (EMC) that assists the full Commission in carrying out its responsibilities related to adopting rules for the protection, preservation and enhancement of the state's air resources. The Committee members are appointed from the membership of the full Commission by the Chair of the EMC. The Air Quality Committee generally meets on the Wednesday before the full Commission meeting. (The Environmental Management Commission generally meets on the second Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November although the Chairman may call special meetings as necessary. Meeting schedule and agendas are available from the EMC webpage). The meetings are open to the public and broadcast as a webinar via links provided on the EMC webpage for those who are unable to attend in person.

Air Quality Committee Meeting

January 13, 2021 - Meeting Cancelled

November 18, 2020   Meeting Agenda   

September 9, 2020   Meeting Agenda   

July 8, 2020   Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

March 4, 2020   Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

January 8, 2020   Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

November 13, 2019   Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

September 11, 2019  Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

July 10, 2019          Meeting Agenda    Meeting Summary

May 8, 2019          Meeting Agenda     Meeting Summary

March 13, 2019       Meeting Agenda    Meeting Summary

January 9, 2019       Meeting Agenda    Meeting Summary

November 7, 2018    Meeting Agenda    Meeting Summary

October 9, 2018        Meeting Agenda    Meeting Summary
July 11, 2018             Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary
May 9, 2018              Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary
March 7, 2018            Meeting Agenda  Meeting Summary
February 7, 2018        Meeting Agenda  Meeting Summary 

November 8, 2017      Meeting Agenda    Meeting Summary

September 13, 2017    Meeting Agenda    Meeting Summary

July 12, 2017               Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

May 10, 2017               Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

March 8, 2017              Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

January 11, 2017          Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

September 7, 2016        Meeting Agenda  Meeting Summary

July 13, 2016                Meeting Agenda  Meeting Summary

May 11, 2016                Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

March 9, 2016               Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

January 13, 2016           Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

November 4, 2015        Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

September 9, 2015        Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

September 9, 2015        Special Information Session Agenda                

July 8, 2015                   Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary 

May 13, 2015                Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary 

March 11, 2015             Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary 

January 7, 2015             Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

November 12, 2014        Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

September 10, 2014       Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

July 9, 2014                    Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary 

May 7, 2014                   Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary 

March 12, 2014              Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary 

January 8, 2014              Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

November 13, 2013        Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary 

July 10, 2013                  Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary 

March 13, 2013              Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

January 9, 2013              Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary(link is external)

November 7, 2012          Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary 

September 12, 2012        Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

July 11, 2012                  Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

May 9, 2012                   Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary

March 7, 2012                Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary 

January 11, 2012            Meeting Agenda   Meeting Summary


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