Nutrient Scientific Advisory Board


The NSAB usually meets the first Friday of the month, 9:30am - 12:00pm at TJCOG.  Please join the mailing list or contact Patrick Beggs to be subscribed to the list.

NSAB Meeting Documents 

NSAB Charter, which includes:

Purpose: The NSAB functions primarily as an advisory group to assist and guide the agency with effective implementation of nutrient management strategies for developed areas as they relate to the Existing Development rule. The NSAB shall: *Identify management strategies that can be used by local governments to reduce nutrient loading from existing development. *Evaluate the feasibility, costs, and benefits of implementing the identified management strategies. *Develop an accounting system for assignment of nutrient reduction credits for the identified management strategies. *Identify the need for any improvements or refinements to modeling and other analytical tools used to evaluate water quality in nutrient-impaired waters and nutrient management strategies.

Membership: The NSAB consists of up to 10 representatives with various qualifications and diverse backgrounds representing: Local Government / Academia / Professional Engineering / NC Dept of Transportation / Conservation Organizations.  See the NSAB Charter for the current membership roster.

Annual Report to the Secretary: 2018,  20172016,  20152014201320122011

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Patrick Beggs